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Loch Ness

Up Inverness Loch Ness  

~ Your perfect choice of hotel for your holiday around Loch Ness  ~

Craigdarroch  Lodge Hotel is only 30 minutes from Loch Ness 

Craigdarroch Lodge Hotel offers quality hotel accommodation, only a short drive from Loch Ness in a lovely Highland setting.  We cater for all needs whether and are happy to offer B&B or Dinner, bed and breakfast terms.

"Nessie" the Loch Ness Monster

01pictish.jpg (17448 bytes)

Carvings of this unidentified animal, made by the ancient inhabitants of the Scottish Highlands some 1,500 years ago, are the earliest evidence that Loch Ness harbors a strange aquatic creature.

Something lurks deep in the dark waters of  Loch Ness. Stories of a mythical beast living in the Loch Ness have been told since history began. Over 1400 years ago St. Columba reprimanded the "water horse" for trying to eat a swimmer.

People living around the loch have told of mysterious beasts in the water for years, but when the A82 Inverness to Fort William road was built sightings became more frequent and detail.  

Humps in the water, strange wakes with no boat in sight. A long neck and large body rising and then diving back in to the depths. Eye witnesses are quite convinced about what they have seen and none seem to have been under the influence of Scotland's national drink at the time!

Photographs and video footage have appeared, some of them quite famous hoaxes, others have fuelled the debate and baffled the experts. Scientists hunt the loch formed by glacial movement and as yet have found no concrete evidence of any dinosaur like beast.  Sceptics are convinced that the 'appearances' can be put down to ordinary every day happenings such as floating logs, seals and otters but they can't explain the underwater camera blurred photographs or the echo soundings taken during Operation Deepscan.

    The debate goes on. Scientists continue to research Loch Ness which is the greatest body of water in the British Isles. As such, it is worth investigation alone. They are constantly discovering more about the loch's biomass, temperatures turbulences and wave conditions, nutrients, pollution and sediment perhaps one day they will find the answer.

View the Loch Ness Monster Exhibitions at Drumnadrochit and draw your own conclusions.  One thing is for sure, when you go I bet you'll have your camera ready just in case because maybe just maybe you'll capture Nessie on film and prove to the world that magic, myth and legend are not all just fairytales.         

The truth is out there.

When you've stopped searching for Nessie take a look around Drumnadrochit and just outside the village is the dramatic ruin of Urquhart castle which juts out over the loch. With an uninterrupted view along the whole of Loch Ness this was the most natural place to build a stronghold and there has been a fortress here for 700 years. The present ruins date from the 16th century the fortress being destroyed by government soldiers just after the Jacobite rebellion. Urquhart castle, as you can imagine, is a great place for Nessie spotting!

urq1.jpg (36348 bytes)

Urquhart Castle

To see live pictures on web cam from Loch Ness click the link below

Travel down to the south west tip of Loch Ness to Fort Augustus and sit and watch the boats travelling down the Caledonian canal. On the outskirts of the village is the beautiful Fort Augustus abbey. Heading back up on the other side of the loch visit  Foyers to see the Falls - an impressive cascade of water thundering down the cliff side. Boleskine is the next village, and notorious Boleskine House once the home of Aleistair Crowley seriously black, black magic magician, whose occult practices were said to have unleashed demons and devils into this area.



Stay at Craigdarroch ~ ideally situated  for visiting Loch Ness and surrounding areas 

click the link below for details of our 3 night "Happy-Ness" Break which includes a cruise on Loch Ness aboard the Jacobite Queen plus entrance to historic Urquahart Castle

Happy-Ness Break

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Julia and Mark Garrison

Craigdarroch Lodge Hotel

Contin, by Strathpeffer.

Inverness   IV14 9EH


"Your perfect hotel for Loch Ness"

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